Slab clamp / Guardrail, tubs, HDG

Used for securing work at height on construction, renovation or handling sites. Secures collective traffic on the site. The clamp is raised upwards using a threaded rod and a nut. Reversible slab clamp, for use with tubs. The reversible slab clamp is intended for temporary collective protection, on parapet or slab. It is intended to fit on horizontal and vertical reception structures. The system must be engaged along its entire length and must not be able to pivot on the support.
EN 13374.1



Finish: painting: Powder Paint (ref…01)  or Hot-dip Galvanization – HDG (ref. 02)

  • 20 02 100 02
    Height: min 1 113 / max 1593 mm
    Maximum opening / Grip: 450 mm
    Finish: HDG
    Weight: 7.50 kg