Mobile Barrier PL Type B

Police barrier, also called “Vauban” barrier. Generally made of galvanized steel, this barrier makes it possible to quickly set up a perimeter of non-pedestrian traffic. It also makes it possible to channel crowds and avoid overflows. These barriers exist in several sizes, number of bars and types of legs.



  • Galvanized Steel Tubes Ø32 mm
  • Height 1,05 m
  • Vertical Steel Rod Bars Ø16 mm
  • Hooks welded on the sides
  • Finish: painting: Powder Paint (ref…01)  or Hot-dip Galvanization (ref. 02)
  • Laser cut plate as an option
  • Art. No, 20 90 200 01/02
    L = 2 m.
    No. of vertical steel rod bars: 14
    Weight:16 kg